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Alchemy Review by Dry Ink

Janice Gobey’s long obsession with fur continues in her latest exhibition Alchemy at the Alternating Current ArtSpace. Her art doesn’t need words. She works on connecting to people on a non-verbal level. She’d like people to feel the work more than view it in a logical, rational way. So pause for a moment,

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Review for Primal by Dr Rhonda Dredge, CBD News:

Strange Arctic landscapes by Janice Gobey were exhibited at fortyfivedownstairs in May with the figure of a white wolf staring knowingly out of the canvasses. This was Gobey’s fourth exhibition of paintings in the CBD and she is slowly building a following. Art mounts an argument and this exhibition is

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Essay from Marion Piper for MICROCOSMOGRAPHIA

The heart of all things When the green flash came, there wasn’t a thing anyone could do. There were warning signals, for sure, yet capitalist imperatives were deemed more important. So when ‘turning a blind eye’ became a marker of the sacred, the threads that bound humanity together snapped, one

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“It happened but I do not know it—that it happened or what it was that happened, the eventless event, unremembered.” Griselda Pollock  The traumatic event is not to be found: to never be found completely. Janice Gobey’s recent paintings draw forth subjects that are alluring, obscured, frightening, and in their

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