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Janice Gobey’s paintings always sit within duality.  Like the fur they depict, they are beautiful but ominous.  The latest collection of works for the exhibition The Haunting, again reflect this duality but even more so with a new use of vacant backgrounds that leave the viewer feeling uneasy with the

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RUNNING AT NIGHT: An exhibition by Janice Gobey

Click here to read more about LIA-PROGRAMME In an old spinning factory in Germany, in the former East German town of Leipzig, it is still possible to see traces of lives ground into the bare factory walls and floors.  Spinnerei, as it is still called, was once home to the

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Chasing Grey

Our world isn’t at all what it seems.  Not in a spooky way, though, for that would imply a supernatural presence. Our world looks and feels like any other, with rules and nature and people and time. Not time in the regular sense, but the kind of passing you feel

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